Monthly Field Trip: Date with My Inner Child

Date: November 5, Saturday 10am – 1pm
Location: Hearst Tank Motorway, Topanga, CA 90290
Tuition: $15 Suggested Donation


Mindful Hiking + Sensory Awareness + Poetry Reading + Affirmation
Somatic Exercise + Silent Meditation + Earthing


How often do we get to pause and be present in our hectic, complex lives?

Once each month we will get together and share our travels through life and support one another as we walk among nature.

Being among Nature with mindful intentions will help us unwind and bring

ourselves back to center.

Let’s get unplugged from society and create real human to human and human to nature contact. During this Earthling field trip, be sure to bring your inner child and be ready to let go and play!

We will all gather at the entrance of the Malibu hiking trail, and take a mindful

silent hike together. More info will be posted in early October via website and FB.