Date: November 19, Saturday, 11am-1pm, 2pm-6pm, 7:30pm-10pm
Location: 1707 S. Carmelina Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tuition: $25 for Morning Workshop, $80 for Shamanic Breathwork +Soul Retrival, $100 for a package


Part One: 11am – 1pm
A unique transformational experience which brings together movement, mindfulness, and breath to swiftly release stress, and maximize creative potential. This is a powerful experience designed to help you step into a deep meditative state quickly, return to a state of childlike wonder, and step into the magical world of play, through the body, mind, and emotions.

PART 2: 2pm-6pm
The magic of words experience a 4-hour intensive where powerful tools are shared for rapid and deep transformation. -unlock your intuitive abilities and ignite your superhero with powerful exercises and techniques -learn how to BREAK UP old identities and narratives in yourself and others in minutes through techniques blending shamanism with advanced western psychology -discover a few simple tricks using word magic to instantly shift emotions and beliefs in yourself and others -experience a soul-retrieval breath work ceremony to embody your power -BE FREE, and LIBERATING YOURSELF!
Ticket: $80 Single

PART 3: 7:30pm-10:30pm
Fire Ceremony with Crystal Skull Activation, Sound Healing
Community Gathering, $20 Suggested Donation


We will enter the doorway to Self-Love as we investigate the power of Infinite GRATITUDE.
Integrating ancient wisdom with body-mind-spirit practices, we will investigate HOW TO EMBODY Infinite GRATITUDE so we can have a simple yet powerful tool to practice SELF LOVE on daily basis.

Come experience the ancient breathwork, yoga, meditation that unites body and mind, and learn the simple, powerful tool of tapping yoga. These exercises awaken the body and help us rediscover self-acceptance and love so that we may flourish. Finishing the journey, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing activation leads us into the transformational experience of letting go of old paradigms, while acupuncture opens our crown chakra to accessing our higher selves.
You don’t want to miss this one! It’s going to be epic!


Founder of Full Spectrum Retreat
Her experience with movement work–(5 Rhythms Movement Meditation, Korean Energy Yoga, Iyengar Yoga)–combines with her understanding of the body’s systems–(earning an Esalen Massage Certification, studying Anatomy with Rolfing’s Tom Myers, Color and Aroma Therapies with Sam Burns, a certification in Wellness Healing and Nutrition from French Culinary School, NY)–and her understanding of group dynamics and our relationship with the natural world–(Shamanic Healing and Dream Work (Robert Moss), Sustainable Farming (Esalen), and Gestalt Awareness (with Dorothy Charles and Dick Price)–to allow her a unique perspective on the benefits of a multi-dimensional experience of healing on all levels.

Daniel weaves together his own style of guiding others to their own power through rapid and intense reflections & shamanic journeying. His style of healing is a mix of shamanism, language rewiring, martial arts, quantum healing, breathwork, and various other modalities. Daniel has worked with everyone from ceos, athletes, high-ranking diplomats, renown artists, couples, children, veterans and the disabled. He offers talks, retreats, & private initiations and coaching to those committed to breaking free and unlocking the gold in their personal life and their divine purpose.

She is the founder of Experiment on Purpose. She is a certified Transformational Coach, trained in Spiritual Psychology [by the University of Santa Monica] Design Thinking and Kundalini Yoga. She works with her clients to unleash creative potential through movement, breath work; an integration of positive psychology, and design, into our day-to-day life.

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Yoga mat, meditation cushion, water bottle (we will provide you alkalized water), and a blanket (we also have extra just in case).

Street parking is available

We are here to connect with like-minded people, creating a supportive community of people who share life experiences, expand, and thrive. We have one life, let’s celebrate together!