The True Sexual Power of Woman: Root Chakra Immersion (Part 1)

Dates: March 25 & 26

Saturday (03/25), 9am-5pm

Sunday (03/26), 9am-3pm

Location: Santa Monica, CA



Have you ever wondered why you don’t feel comfortable or completely free expressing your own sexual desire? Do you continually repeat the same unhealthy relationship patterns; the intimacy between you and your partner is either difficult or inhibited? Are you afraid of expressing your desire to yourself or your partner? Do you find yourself disappointed and/or discouraged about finding someone who ‘gets’ you; someone who you can completely open up to sexually?

Come join us to stop wondering and start building your own answer!

During the weekend of March 25-26 to explore and enlighten your own sense of self and how owning your sexuality can lead to a rich, deeper experience through all aspects of your life. This experiential workshop concentrates on a woman’s primal desire and its home in the body as a source of power.

We’ll focus on your sexual center – the Pelvis, or Root Chakra; we will guide you to build bridges between your Root Chakra and your heart, as well as release and dissolve any blocked sexuality due to concealed traumas or perpetual toxic patterns by applying specific breathing meditations, movement, massage and sensual exercises. Your goal will be to access your sexual power as a woman, and how understanding that energy – already residing within you – can evolve into a more blissful, confident daily life.

Register now to get secure spot. This workshop is provided in a sacred and trusted environment. We have limited seats in order to give you the best experience. Own your power as a woman – embrace your femininity and dance with the magic of existence.

Learning the art of sensuality and ways to attract your perfect mate.

Your sexual empowerment starts now!


What to Expect

Experiential embodiment exercises: Integration of body + Mind + Spirit as Whole practices

Trusted and safe environment to explore your sexual desire, designed to help channel the energetic connection from the root chakra (pelvis) to the heart (“Pelvic-Heart Integration”)

Release negative blocks, trauma, old patterns trapped in your root chakra by applying Quantum emotional release therapies and chakra clearing breath-work

Tools you can use daily to enhance the sexual magic within your being to help maintain the highest vibration possible.

-Meals are not included. snack, water, fruits, tea will be provided
-Please bring your own lunch or take a lunch break
-Free tarot reading ($20 Suggested Donation)
-Live music and chanting
-Guided Fire + Cacao ceremony in Saturday evening




  • Earlies Birds (by March 5th): $350
  • Full Tuition (after March 5): $375
  • Deposit to secure your spot:  $111
  • Purchase includes organic vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included Schedule.

Location, and preparation will be sent out shortly after registration.


Jummee Park

Founder of Full Spectrum Retreat, Program Strategist

She is the founder of Full Spectrum Retreat, program strategist, facilitator. Throughout her childhood in Korea, a flourishing career in design, relocation across the world to New York City, and through the discovery of her own self, she has never stopped searching, creating, seeking. Along the way, she discovered a commitment to healing herself and others, and a desire to share it with the world. This desire blossomed into personal and professional studies on multiple levels combining a diverse and intense formal education with a commitment to service. Her wide range of body-mind-spirit healing experience, and using all of the different skills and modalities she has learned over the years, she seeks to combine wellness, performance, and consciousness into retreat and immersive experiences designed to make ultimate human potential fully sustainable.

Kevin Mallett

Kevin Mallett is an intuitive medium and tarot reader. She discovered and began to use her gifts of clairvoyr, and channeling at age 10. She continues to develop these gifts providing divination counseling using tarot, astrology, oracle cards and runes, crystal and music healing, psychometry, and automatic writing with a passion to assist others toward greater self-realization and trust in Divine guidance.

Quan Myers

She is an author, sexual and emotional healer, massage therapist, forged in her own abuse, illness, and transcendence. Raised in rural Maine, she developed psychic empathy at an early age with both the domestic and wild animals on and around the farm – and developing her intuition and vigilance in another manner altogether in the all too human world of family sexual abuse. 

Lifting herself from the difficulties of poverty and trauma, Quan studied extensively with Tantric master Margo Anand and natural practitioners to heal her sexual wounds and became a facilitator for others trapped within unresolved experiences or unrealised dreams. Quan’s carefully choreographed group work combines Tantric practices of breath and voice, and healing touch with essential oils – using her deep well of empathetic resonance (set in an earthy Maine humor) to provide secured sacred space.

Quan is an animal-talker, and she speaks directly to the animal within each of us. During her illness, she was hyper-aware of the feeling of ‘prey’ animals – causing her to initiate a non-profit Rabbitats for Humanity, that rescued more than a thousand unwanted bunnies and established them in safe and ‘natural’ outdoor environments. Out of this 10-year project, she wrote an children’s book about successful caring for bunnies. She lives on the coast of Maine with lives her husband Tom Myers, horses, rabbits, and cats.


“Quan’s workshop healed me more trauman than 20 years of talk therapy”


“I had full blown orgasm while doing breathwork/meditation.”


“My ancestral history of abuse was released during this workshop with Quan. Truky powerful work”


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