Vitality Saturday Workshop

– First Saturday of Every Month,10:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT | Summer/Fall Dates: August 5, September 2, October 7, November 4
– Santa Monica, California (RSVP for address)
– Suggested donation: $30-$70


What is your relationship with your pelvis?

Did you know that the pelvis is the repository of all emotions and stress? The more you activate and strengthen your pelvis, the more vitality you can feel within. Combining breath, movement, and sound, we will create a bridge between your heart and sexual centers, leaving you feeling refreshed, alive, present, and integrated.

The three main essences of this workshop are…

MOVEMENT – the easiest way to drop into your body and move from the headspace to the heartspace

BREATH – the simplest way to increase oxygen levels in the body, and clear your mind

SOUND – the most effective way to create vibrations that allow your body to naturally release all tension

When seamlessly woven together in a slow, gentle way, these three components amplify your vital life force energy in the quickest way for integration without resistance.

This breath-sound-movement triangle will not only amplify your experience in the workshop, but is also a simple and effective tool for you to take home and integrate into your daily practice.

Come explore and experience how good your body can feel. Experience is different than knowledge; knowledge is information, experience is wisdom. Experience becomes a tool that you can actually use, feel, and apply. Experience creates real change, allowing you to embody, integrate and experience vitality firsthand.

So come and experience your fullest potential for vitality in this month’s Vitality Saturday Workshop!

– Bring your own lunch or group lunch during lunch break
– Snack, tea, water, and fruit will be provided
– Location and preparation will be informed shortly after registration.

What to expect

– Experiential embodiment exercises: Integration of body + mind + spirit through diverse, holistic practices
– Safe environment built on trust to explore your sexual desire, designed to help channel the energetic connection from the root chakra (pelvis) to the heart (“Pelvic-Heart Integration”)
– Drop in with full presence and intention with sound healing and movement exercises
– Release negative blocks, trauma, old patterns trapped in your root chakra through 7 chakra clearing breath-work
– Tools you can use daily to enhance the sexual magic within your being to help maintain the highest vibration possible.
Come liberate yourself and discover true bliss!


“This class and workshop is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Part ceremony, part ecstasy, party community, part play, part dance, part singing, part noise, part movement – it’s everything.”
Vanessa Coletto

“I feel clear, vibrant, and true to myself. I want to bring more people to open themselves up to receive more of their own power and grace. Receiving the kindness and the love of all the participants allowed us to be as one, without any limiting “self” talk. Releasing pent up emotions in the body and chakras helped me fully express myself.”
-Thom Pulliam

“I feel radiant – like I just shed a skin that wasn’t mine and now I’m effortlessly my true self; a Divine child in wonder and awe with the world and this life. The intimacy building exercises were incredible! It helped me feel more confident and empowered in my own energy. The blend of such diverse yet cohesive modalities let me go really deep and feel so safe and held during the whole experience. I highly recommend this to everyone! Open your heart and radiate your TRUE capacity for bliss!”
-Haris Peteranecz

“The movements and exercises were my favorite. I really enjoy dancing and getting weird. The pelvic heart tantric integration helped me move through some blockages and create a healthy relationship with intimacy. I feel activated, clean, happy, and sore! Haha. We need to get more out of our heads and into our bodies – this is one of the best places to do just that.”
-Sean Jesus

“I’m not used to letting go and surrendering to others, the trust exercises helped me gain trust in others. Physically, I feel loose and flowy like seaweed. Mentally, I feel stress free, happy, blissful, and centered. Energetically, I feel vibrant, alive and awake. This is a safe place to let go, experience bliss, be playful, and feel alive. You will leave feeling nothing but positive emotions and be completely carefree and want others to have this same experience. It would definitely make the world a better place if everyone felt this amazing.”
-Jocelyn O.


Jummee Park

Founder of Full Spectrum Retreat, Facilitator, Healer, Life Coach

Throughout her childhood in Korea, a flourishing career in design, relocation across the world to New York City, and through the discovery of her own self, she has never stopped searching, creating, seeking. Along the way, she discovered a commitment to healing herself and others, and a desire to share it with the world. This desire blossomed into personal and professional studies on multiple levels combining a diverse and intense formal education with a commitment to service. Her wide range of body-mind-spirit healing experience, and using all of the different skills and modalities she has learned over the years, she seeks to combine wellness, performance, and consciousness into retreat, workshop, life coaching, energy healing work and immersive experiences designed to make ultimate human potential fully sustainable.

Bring your friends and love one. No one leaves behind. We are here to explore human potential and to create the conscious community of compassion and harmony beyond dogma, race, sex, and culture.


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