JUMMEE Method® Official Launch

July 22nd 6:00-8:30 PM


Free Class + After Party @ HYPERSLOW

Play Unleashed

When was the last time you felt the world as your wide-eyed field of discovery, your wondrous backyard of imagination, your fun park of freedom, your spellbinding wonderland of play?

Come join us and get ready to laugh, dance, wiggle, tap, make funny faces and fearlessly express yourself. Built to help you let go, have fun, relax, and release, this playful flow uses dance, sound, breath, and movement to let your inner child play and tune you back into your true blissful self.

If your heart is racing, if you want to jump out of your chair with excitement, or if you feel how much resistance you have to even the sound of play…then this method is for you.

Are you ready to play?

What is
JUMMEE Method®

At the core of JUMMEE Method® is your core, your pelvis to be exact. We focus on liberating, expanding, and activating our pelvis through a synchronous combination of breath, sound, and movement. This “Vitality Triangle,” as we like to call it, is our not-so-secret ingredient to connect your core centers, your heart and pelvis, and bring out your beautiful, bountiful, blissful energy, helping you feel how you’re meant to feel; good!

What to expect

We’ll be starting off the night with an hour-long JUMMEE Method® Vitality Flow. We’ll drop into our true bliss through an electrifying flow of playful power and deep release. With a special interweaving of ancient wisdom from the East and cutting edge knowledge from the West, you’ll experience a full spectrum practice to turn on your true vitality. Then we’ll sink into breath and stillness as we soak in the frequencies of a specially curated live sound healing session with crystal bowl healing.

Nourish + Share + Connect

After, we’ll join together as a tribe to break bread, mingle, and connect. We want to hear about your experience so we can really shape this method just for you. As we sit back, relax and enjoy the vitality we just cultivated, we’ll have a camera ready so you can share about your experience and give us some feedback.

More deets

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, bring a water bottle, your yoga mat, and your joyful spirit

Event Parking

  • Maryland Drive is always okay to park anytime, for any class (EXCEPT STREET SWEEPING)
  • 2 hours free on north side of 5th St., Mon-Fri: 8 am – 6 pm
  • 2 hours free on north side of Drexel, Mon-Fri: 8 am – 6 pm
  • 1 hour metered parking on Fairfax and 5th St., Mon-Sat: 8 am –  8 pm, Sun: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Parking ong Crescent Heights is also sometimes available


How much is it?

We’re offering this new movement medicine of play as a donation based event so we can share it with as many of you as possible! Bring your tribe! We just ask that you RSVP for us here:



We’re super grateful for our fantastic hosts at HYPERSLOW! Their commitment to the planet and creating a space for us to remember to slow down and drop into the beauty of this life is so inspiring. Check out their class schedule and make sure you drop by their cafe after class! They’ve got some super yummy and super nutritious drinks and snacks. Plus the ambiance of their place is perfect for getting a little work done or reading a good book after a yoga class.

They also do a membership trial for only $50!

Check em out here: http://hyperslow.com/

See you July 22nd! Get ready to escape ordinary and play extra-ordinary!

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