Shape Shifter


We imagine a more deeply connected world where individuals reach a deeper sense of wholeness and well-being through our innovative retreats and wellness centers.


Our mission is to change the future of wellness by creating an immersive experience designed to make ultimate human potential fully sustainable.

We accomplish this by providing wellness retreats that focus on activation of all the senses in order to align mind, body and spirit.  We offer a unique system, crafted through an integration of sophisticated, progressive practices, resulting in multi-dimensional breakthroughs and powerful transformations in the shortest period of time.

We are shape shifter, culture maker, and light worker


Jummee Park

Founder of Full Spectrum Retreat, Program Strategist

Throughout her childhood in Korea, a flourishing career in design, relocation across the world to New York City, and through the discovery of her own self, she has never stopped searching, creating, seeking. Along the way, she discovered a commitment to healing herself and others, and a desire to share it with the world. This desire blossomed into personal and professional studies on multiple levels combining a diverse and intense formal education with a commitment to service.
Through all of her ventures, she has always been the hub of community, bringing teams of people together to connect at the level of humanity. She seeks to bring people together through the combination of contrasts and perspectives, from the ancient and the modern, the external and internal.
Her experience with movement work–(5 Rhythms Movement Meditation, Korean Energy Yoga, Iyengar Yoga)–combines with her understanding of the body’s systems–(earning an Esalen Massage Certification, studying Anatomy with Rolfing’s Tom Myers, Color and Aroma Therapies with Sam Burns, a certification in Wellness Healing and Nutrition from French Culinary School, NY)–and her understanding of group dynamics and our relationship with the natural world–(Shamanic Healing and Dream Work (Robert Moss), Sustainable Farming (Esalen), and Gestalt Awareness (with Dorothy Charles and Dick Price)–to allow her a unique perspective on the benefits of a multi-dimensional experience of healing on all levels.
Using all of the different skills and modalities she has learned over the years, she seeks to combine wellness, performance, and consciousness into retreat and immersive experiences designed to make ultimate human potential fully sustainable.

Lisa Dadd

Director of Marketing and Content Strategist

When she walked away from a successful career in Sales and Marketing at a Fortune 100 company to find more meaning, purpose, and fun, Lisa Dadd transformed more than her job. Her decision to invest in what she was meant to be in life, rather than settle for what she was doing for a living, inspired her to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In her search for personal fulfillment, and following a natural curiosity, Lisa started to incorporate new practices into her life, such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, and various energy healing modalities. The surprising results had her questioning traditional methods of performance enhancement and definitions of success. The insights and wisdom she acquired from interviews of others following a similar path became the research for her first book, Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion. In the book, she dares us to consider whether or not we are living our own version of fabulous.

Taking her own advice, Lisa has intentionally redesigned her life to allow more time and flexibility to travel, learn new skills, and explore new opportunities while continuing her own transformative process. Blurring the lines between work and play, Lisa’s greatest inspirations have come from her adventures driving across North America with her dog and hiking to places like the Base Camp of Mt. Everest and Machu Picchu. Splitting her time between her lakefront cottage in Northern Ontario and sunny Southern California, Lisa exemplifies what Finding Fabulous is all about.

Currently, Lisa writes, consults and speaks on topics related to life and career redesign. Combining fifteen years of strategic business skills with real-life experience, Lisa provides practical, relevant advice for anyone tired of feeling stuck and ready to take action.

Haris Adele Peteranecz

Sound Healer, Facilitator, & Program Strategist with Full Spectrum Collective

Haris is a sound healer who is passionate about cultivating strong, regenerative communities by emphasizing the role of communication as the nexus for conscious community building. After studying community dialogue facilitation and urban anthropology at the New College of Florida, Haris moved to the Big Island of Hawaii for a year-long immersion in self-discovery, shamanic healing work, Earth-based healing modalities, and Sonic Alchemy. Together, her training and studies have helped her understand the integral nature of language and communication in the regeneration of healthy living systems at a personal, communal, and environmental level. Haris has studied a wide spectrum of healing modalities and received her vocal activations in Kauai with her teacher Amma Sophia Rose, where she learned how to utilize the language of light and other sonic practices to facilitate multidimensional communication and healing experiences for her clients. Combining years of training in yoga, dance, sound, breath, facilitation, and community building techniques, Haris specializes in helping her clients tap into their inner reservoirs of wisdom and joyful self-expression to promote healing, self-discovery, and transformation. Haris is currently living in Santa Monica, California where she works as a program strategist with Full Spectrum Collective founder, Jummee Park. Her current projects include creating content with Full Spectrum Collective, program and marketing development for the Jummee Method, creating a symbolic divination oracle deck, holding private sound healing and coaching sessions, and creating custom, wearable ceremonial apparel with specific light code activations for the wearer.

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